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Sunglasses Over Glasses For All


There was once a time when Sunglasses Over Glasses were not so attractive or you had a one size that had to fit all.   Here at ePolarizedSunglasses we have a great selection of sunglasses that can work with any prescription glass. 

We all know prescription sunglasses are not cheap so our over glasses fit over your glasses looking great, also functional and keeping some of that hard earned money in your pocket.   All glasses are polarized to fight glare and UV400 UVA and UVB for sun protection.   

Your prescription glasses are expensive so why attach a spring loaded clip-on to them and risk the spring or small medal feet of the clip scratching them.   Our fit over's are designed to go right over your glasses and not attached to the front of your lenses making them a more sensible choice and with styles for all face and frame sizes you are sure to find one on our Sunglasses Over Glasses page.

Many of our customers have transitional lenses that don't change in the car when you need them the most?   Just another great reason to try our sunglasses to fight the sun and relieve some eye strain while commuting or driving around town.   Free shipping of $25 or more and only $3.95 if less.  Get yours today and will ship out the very same day.

Super Small Sunglasses Over Glasses

Most people hate the idea of sunglasses over glasses. That is because the majority of the styles available are super bulky and not very attractive at all. Luckily, at ePolarizedSunglasses.com we have a much better solution for you. We offer a huge selection of the most stylish fitover glasses available, and we have just what [...]

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Increase Contrast in the Low Light Situations With Night Driving Glasses

We spend so much time in our cars. We drive to and from work, the grocery store, school and so much more. The average American spends almost 40,000 hours of their life driving a car. With all of that time spent driving, we often forget about how dangerous our vehicles actually are. You are operating [...]

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Welcome the Spring with Fitover Sunglasses

Spring is finally here once again, and it is time to finally get outside and enjoy the sunshine. For people that don't have to wear glasses, all you have to do is throw on a pair of your favorite sunglasses and you are good to go, but for people who have to wear glasses, there [...]

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