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See Better At Night With Our Night Driving Glasses


Driving is second nature to most of us, and many of us don't realize how dangerous it can be, especially at night. There are many contributing factors as to why driving is a lot more dangerous at night, including drunk drivers, slower reaction times due to long work days, and poor visibility. Of course, there are factors that are out of your control, but your visibility isn't one of them. At ePolarizedSunglasses, we sell high quality glasses that can help you to see more clearly at all times, even at night. We sell a wide variety of high quality night driving glasses.

Our yellow tinted night driving glasses are perfect for night and other low light driving situations.  Not liking the headlight glare (halo effect) of oncoming cars headlights?   Yellow tints help with that problem while still allowing you to see unlike darker tinted sunglasses.  They work by enhancing contrast, which in turns helps you to see a lot better at night. They can help you to make out animals, people, other vehicles, and anything else that may pose a threat while driving at night. Our night driving glasses are high quality and so affordable. We offer a wide variety of styles for you to choose from, and every order of $25 or more comes with our fast, free shipping.

Although not many of us even give it a second though, driving is the single most dangerous thing that people do, and night time is the most dangerous time to get behind the wheel. Make sure that you can see clearly, even when it is dark, with our night driving glasses. Shop with us today to find yours. 

Sunglasses Over Glasses For All

There was once a time when Sunglasses Over Glasses were not so attractive or you had a one size that had to fit all.   Here at ePolarizedSunglasses we have a great selection of sunglasses that can work with any prescription glass. We all know prescription sunglasses are not cheap so our over glasses fit over your glasses [...]

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Super Small Sunglasses Over Glasses

Most people hate the idea of sunglasses over glasses. That is because the majority of the styles available are super bulky and not very attractive at all. Luckily, at ePolarizedSunglasses.com we have a much better solution for you. We offer a huge selection of the most stylish fitover glasses available, and we have just what [...]

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The first official day of summer will be June 21st. Are you ready for it? With all of those long days of sunshine ahead are you ready to protect your eyes while you enjoy the great outdoors? Too often we only think of our skin when it comes to sun protection, but protecting your eyes [...]

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Increase Contrast in the Low Light Situations With Night Driving Glasses

We spend so much time in our cars. We drive to and from work, the grocery store, school and so much more. The average American spends almost 40,000 hours of their life driving a car. With all of that time spent driving, we often forget about how dangerous our vehicles actually are. You are operating [...]

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Why Choose Polarized Sunglasses Over Glasses

Most of us wearing prescription glasses would greatly benefit wearing our sunglasses over glasses to cut the glare of the sun. We all want functionality in our sunglasses, so why would you ever settle for anything less than the best? At ePolarizedSunglasses  all of the over sunglasses that we offer are polarized, just as it sounds in [...]

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Welcome the Spring with Fitover Sunglasses

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Night Driving Glasses Make a Big Difference

Did you know that 49% of fatal car accidents occur at night? There are probably several reasons for this, but one of the biggest reasons of all is your ability to see gets greatly diminished at night. In fact the majority of your ability to react is dependent upon your eyesight, and when you can't [...]

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Forget About Prescription Sunglasses, Try Sunglasses Over Glasses!

A sunny, cloud free day is something that we all love, but if you have to drive in the bright sunshine and you wear prescription eyeglasses, that sun can be the bane of your existence. For many people, contacts are your solution, but they can be uncomfortable, and if you are a tried and true [...]

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Your Source For Fitover Sunglasses

Glasses have been helping people to see clearly for centuries, and when you think about it, they really are magnificent. But when you consider today's busy world where you have to see to drive dangerous machinery in the brightest part of the day and you have to fit those silly 3D glasses over your regular [...]

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