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Why Choose Polarized Sunglasses Over Glasses


Most of us wearing prescription glasses would greatly benefit wearing our sunglasses over glasses to cut the glare of the sun. We all want functionality in our sunglasses, so why would you ever settle for anything less than the best? At ePolarizedSunglasses  all of the over sunglasses that we offer are polarized, just as it sounds in our name.

Polarized lenses have been used for years, but unfortunately not all glasses use these incredible lenses. Polarized lenses became popular by fisherman who wanted to fight the glare of the sun off of the surface of the water, so that they could easily see the fish swimming underneath. Now polarized lenses are used in a wide variety of situations because they provide the ultimate glare protection for everyday use and driving. 

You might be wondering how a polarized lens actually works, but before that you should understand how glare works. When bright light gets reflected off of surfaces like water, snow, pavement, etc., it creates unorganized waves of light that are concentrated to form a glare. Polarized glasses are engineered to detect those unorganized waves and block them, this allows only essential light to get through so that you can see more clearly.

We have a wide variety of some of the best and most affordable polarized fitover sunglasses that you will find anywhere. The best part is that our collection isn't just high quality, every product that we offer is made up of the perfect blend of style and functionality. Free shipping is available when you shop with us today.